Week 0 | Preparation


1. Know the Tools

Read the following document that provides detail on how to access our class meetings: http://go.hawaii.edu/j8T

2. Looking Ahead

Mark your calendar for the following meeting dates this semester:
January: 18
February: 1, 15
March: 1, 15
April: 5, 19, 26
May: 10

3. Who are You?

Complete the Background Survey (should only take about 10 minutes) to provide us with a little information about who you are and how we can help you make the most of this course. Use your @hawaii.edu account to access this survey: http://go.hawaii.edu/qrj

4. Review the Syllabus

Review the course syllabus (Google Doc format). The syllabus explains in detail my instructional approach this class as well my expectations of professional ettiquette: http://go.hawaii.edu/Erj

5. Get an Idea of What’s Going On in Ed Tech:

Review relevant portions of two Horizon Reports: 2016 & 2017 Preview. During our first meeting, we will select topics from the Horizon Report to emphasize in this class.
Horizon Report 2016 Higher Education Edition
Download and read Executive Summary (pp. 1-3) & Important Developments in Educational Technology for Higher Education (pp. 34-47)
Horizon Report 2017 Higher Education Edition PREVIEW
Download and read  Important Developments in Educational Technology (III)

6. During the First Class Meeting:

Be prepared to introduce yourself briefly. We will also discuss the case study process and, as a class, decide on key topics for this semester.

7. Set Up the Needed Accounts:


Create or use an existing user ID for LINE and add us (kimubert, mikewright357, and markyap501) to your friends: https://line.me/en/


Make sure that you can access Google consumer apps from your @hawaii.edu account. Alternatively, you may choose to use another Google account.

8. Prepare your Multimedia Introduction (Due 25 January)

For Week 1, prepare and post the link to a selfie multimedia introduction. For details, see: http://go.hawaii.edu/jrB

9. Feel Free to Reach Out to Your Advocates

We are fortunate to have Mike Wright <mawright@hawaii.edu> and Mark Yap <yapm@hawaii.edu> assisting us with this class. They are your student advocates, so feel free to consult with them as well.


Thank you for your patience in getting started. We look forward to an interesting and enjoyable spring semester.
Should you have trouble accessing any of the documents or have questions about this class, please let us know.


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