Week 4 | Artifacts and Reviews

29428436431_170dc675d7_oThink Higher, Deeper, and Outside the Norm.

Week 4: Feb. 8 to Feb. 14

Here is what is on the radar:

Each student will review drafts of case study documents and provide comments, including suggestions for improvement. The team focusing on redesigning learning environments (Design on NO Dime) will present its revised case study to the class.

Next class meeting:

Our next meeting will be on February 15, from 6-8 pm, and will include a presentation of the case study on redesigning learning environments.  Join the class meeting at least 15 minutes prior to test your audio. Use a headset to minimize background noise and audio feedback.  Remember to mute your microphone when you are not speaking.

Meeting room:  http://bit.ly/BertVOffice

Here is what needs to be done (by Wednesday, Feb. 8th):

  1. All teams will prepare artifacts as required and post links to these artifacts on our  Google+ Community Page.
    • Please be sure to review the requirements and assessment rubric for your content and presentation (sent by Team AR U Ready?).
    • Review their doc here: Augmented Reality in Education
  2. Readings on internet privacy:
    • Protecting your personal privacy is of high priority in today’s internet world.
    • Unscrupulous individuals constantly change their tactics, logistics, and technologies in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to our personal data.
    • During our class meeting, we will discuss issues related to privacy and appropriate messages to minimize personal data loss.
    • Please review the following:
  3. Collaboration and team building:
    • Trust, responsibility, leadership, and time management are essential characteristics of groups that are able to collaborate effectively.
    • We expect everyone in this class to demonstrate an understanding of how to collaborate effectively as professionals, regardless of your personal familiarity with one another.
    • Each member must assume a meaningful role and contribute equally to the group’s outcomes.
    • Receiving credit for work done by others because you are too busy is, needless to say, inexcusable and unprofessional.
    • Please review the following:

Here is what needs to be done (By Wednesday, Feb. 15th): 

  1. Review the assignment documents:
  2. Complete peer reviews for team artifacts on our Google+ Community Page

Here is a look at what we have already done:

  1. Contact Information
    • Enter your internet contact information on a form provided to share with the rest of our class.
    • This information will only be shared with the instructional team and registered students so that you may contact each other when working on assignments.
    • Contact information form: http://go.hawaii.edu/imj
  2. Reflection Blog
    • Post a link to your blog on our Google+ community (Category: Blogs) with a short lead-in sentence to help colleagues remember your blog.
    • Test to make sure that it is accessible without having to sign in.
    • Writing Reflection Blogs: http://go.hawaii.edu/W4