Week 1 | Getting Started

Week 1: Jan. 18 to Jan. 24

one-flickrThank you for joining our first synchronous class session on Jan. 18.  The session went well despite having to adjust to the BB Ultra interface.

Here is a quick summary of what was covered:

  • Read Through the List of Topics (New Horizon Reports)
  • Voted on Topics of Interest
    • Identified the Top 3 to Focus On for the First Case Studies
    • Reserved Topics 4-6 for Later Implementation
  • Met in Breakout Rooms to Begin Preparing Case Study Proposals.


Here is what needs to be done:

By Wednesday, January 25:

  • Your team’s PROPOSAL needs to be posted to the G+ Community Page
    • Please make sure to post to the “Case studies proposals” section of the G+ community
    • The instructional team (Dr. Bert and TAs) will select the first team to present their proposal during the February 1 class session
  • A link to your MULTIMEDIA INTRODUCTION needs to be posted to the G+ Community Page
    • Please make sure to post to the “Introductions” section of the G+ community

By Wednesday, February 1:

  • For each team’s proposal (except your own) you will need to:
    • Submit comments about your thoughts, feelings, and overall impressions
    • Ask clarification questions
    • Offer suggestions for improvement

Here is a look at what we have already done:

  • Selected case study topics and teams
  • Provided guidelines for preparing your case studies (http://go.hawaii.edu/jrU)
  • Completed background surveys (http://go.hawaii.edu/qrj)
  • Created LINE accounts and joined the course group [647e17sp]
  • Configured Google Accounts
    • You need to OPT-IN to access GOOGLE CONSUMER APPS from your @hawaii.edu account.
    • After you opt-in, you will see the “app launcher” (a pop-up panel of Google Apps) located on the top right of your browser window (a 3×3 grid).
    • If you are not sure how to go about this, see here:  http://www.hawaii.edu/askus/1650
  • Reviewed the course syllabus (and contacted the instructional team via LINE or the Google+ Community Page with any questions).

Here is what you need to be watching for:

Another e-mail will be sent out by Monday, January 23.  This e-mail will identify items that need your attention for Week 2, which starts on January 25.

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