Week 5 | Bring Your Own Device

Week 5: Feb. 15 to Feb. 21

Here is what is on the radar:

This week the second case study “Redesigning Learning Spaces,” will be presented by Team Design on NO Dime. All teams will have a week to prepare the required artifacts (due Feb. 22). Additionally, we will discuss issues related to bringing your own device (BYOD) into the classroom.  Please be sure to include these topics in your weekly blog post (due Feb. 22).  You will then individually complete peer reviews for team artifacts on Case Study 2 (due Mar. 1).

Next Class Meeting:

Our next meeting will be on February 15, from 6-8 pm.  The second case study presentation will be given during this class.  Join the class meeting at least 15-30 minutes prior to test your audio. Use a headset to minimize background noise and audio feedback.

Meeting room:  http://bit.ly/BertVOffice

Here is what needs to be done (by Wednesday, January 22):

  1. As a team, prepare artifacts for CS2: Redesigning Learning Spaces
  2. Post a new weekly peer reflection blog post

Here is what needs to be done (by Wednesday, March 1):

  1. Individually, complete peer reviews for team artifacts (CS2)

Here is a look at what we have already done:

  • Individually completed peer reviews for team artifacts (Case Study 1).
  • Posted weekly blog posts reflecting on topics already covered (see Blogs page).
  • Posted comments to reflection blog posts prepared by other class members.